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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Clever China Cheaters Commercial Blacklist

China  Commercial  Fraud  Blacklist
 Updated  11.15.2012

(If you cannot see the photos above and below, you need to use a VPN to view this website or you will only see text and no graphics, charts, tables, nor photos) 

These are the known black hat offenders of China - more than 30,000 and counting. They are equal opportunity scammers and they are professionals. Do not be fooled by fancy web sites, luxurious offices, expensive dinners, glossy brochures, photos with past or present leaders (mostly photoshop jobs), or even testimonials or introduction to other "satisfied clients/investors" (they use paid actors). Ignore the bank statements, audits, and meetings with bank officers, lawyers, and accountants (most are all fake). They are great showman who rely on smoke, mirrors and phony "connections" to win your trust and confidence. If you take their bait you will have no legal recourse in China where less that 1% of all fraud cases filed by foreigners do not get dismissed within 18 months of filing.

Please take 30 minutes of your time to review the "Clever China  Cheater Red Flag Alert" below to give you an early warning system.  If you do get stung for more than $50,000 send an email immediately to ChinaFraudCenter@Gmail.com and you will have a better than 50% chance of recovering your money if reported within 90 days - and we can add the thieves to our growing list here.  You should also visit this link for further assistance in getting your money back:

Now the list... (Because the bad guys also visit this site to see if we are on to them yet, we only publish a partial list on-line. There are over 15,000 such offenders on our list which is updated monthly, (about as often as these sly guys change their names or open new scam companies). For a complete listing, please send an email to TheChinaBlackList@Gmail.com

Changsha Kundu Mechanical & Electric Trading Co., Ltd.
 (+86-731-86724578, 0731-82083785, www.cskdjdmy.com
changshakundumaoyi@126.com, changshakundu5858@126.com )
Changsha Wuhe Machinery & Electric Trading Co., Ltd.
(+86-731-86605592, +86-731-40068300009501, georgecao63@163.net)
Changsha Xinghong Machinery & Electric Trading Co.,Ltd  or
Changsha Longding Machinery & Electric Trading Co., Ltd.
(86-731-86625379, 86-10-58850795, 13786132443,
www.lihaijun126@yeah.net, liubangjie8888@163.com)
Changsha Langyi Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.
(0731-82524865, 0731-82524871, 0731-82524097,
0731-82524067, 0731-82524059, 13637490346)
Chengdu Yinou Imp. & Exp. Trade Co., Ltd. (86-28-89589710,
86-28-66157432, 13550128331, yinou@chengduyinou.com,
chengduyinou@163.com, chengduyinou66@vip.163.com, www.chengduyinou.com)
Chongqing Xingdali Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. (86-21-51561743,
xdlmy6666@vip.163.com, www.cqxindali.cn)
Enternal Way International Enterprise Ltd.
(泰恒国际企业有限公司, +86-755-29634250,
755-29634211, 755-29634613, 755-29630364, hkthgj@hkthgj.com,
hkthgj@vip.163.com, jessica1987happy@live.cn, hkthgj@126.com,
hkthgj66@yahoo.cn, twinklebin1989@hotmail.com, www.hkthgj.com)
Feiya Commercial Ltd. (86-29-83760334, 15291573343,
feiyasale@yahoo.cn, fytsmgs@yahoo.cn)

Guangdong Gangtaiyuan Group Ltd
Haikou Xin Huapeng Import and Export Co., Ltd.
(898-69106249, haikouxhp@163.com, www.haikouxhp.com)
Hunan Hongyuan Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd.
(0731-86688291, 0731-83846703, hunanhongyuan@126.com)
Kunming Gangtie or
Guangdong Guotai Industry Group Limited Company, Kunming Branch
(86-755-89828395, 86-755-82623561, 13631584213,
+86-0871-6545390, 871-6639365, sztigerjin@163.com,
gty8888@yahoo.com.cn, kunminggangtie@163.com,
gangtaiyuan@yeah.net, gtygroup@vip.163.com,
fengyingsen@live.cn, www.gangtaiyuan.com)
NanJing Xiangfa Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd
(+86-25-58785542, +86-25-58785384, qiangsen166@yeah.net, www.njxiangfa.com)
Guangxi Liuzhou China Enleik Import & Export Co., Ltd.
(86-772-2626638, zgwanggao@163.com)

Guangxi Liuzhou EnLei Kai Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. or
Liuzhou EnLeiKai Imp. & Exp. Trade Co., Ltd. (+86-772-2626638,
+86-772-2626838, zgwanggao@163.com)

Shenzhen Shiqi Import & Export Co., Ltd. or
Shirgem Import & Export Co., Ltd.
(86-400-6699635, 755-33160887, 755-61624426,755-29485362,
15595613515, 18976375022, 15595613500, 4006699635,
shirgem@shirgem.com, shirgem22@vip.163.com,
shirgem11@vip.163.com, sz.shirgem.trading@vip.163.com,
Shirgem Import & Export Co., Ltd Haikou Branch Company
(86-898-66517566, 86-898-66520158, 15595613515, 15595615577,
shirgem22@vip.163.com, www.shirgem.com )
Hebei Dongfu Imprt & Export Trade Co., Ltd. (86-312-5935227, dongfuhongyun@126.com, zhongguohongyun@126.com)

Hebei Tianqi Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. or
Hebei Tianqi Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. (0312-5934377,
baojinll@126.com, 13230265895, 13230265806)
Hebei Weishi Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. or
Hebei Wuzhou Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. (86-312-6791069,
86-311-66152985, 86-21-61294039, 15930921021, 15031180722,
wuzhoumingxuan@163.com, yunpeng97@163.com)
wuzhou_trading@163.com, wuzhou9@126.com, yunpeng97@163.com)
Henan Province Chun Feng Trading Co., Ltd.
(河南春风商贸有限公司, +86-0371-56695075, 0371-56695076,
13673376586, alvinchina@vip.188.com, hncfsm@188.com,
Hainan Shengmao Imp&Exp Co., Ltd.
(海南盛贸进出口有限公司, +86-898-69923835, +86-10-58857039
shengmao@hainanshengmao.com, hainanshengmao@163.com www.hainanshengmao.com)
Hefei Dingyao Import & Export Co., Ltd.
(86-551-4668656, 86-551-4661236, 13866704126,13675511482,
13635604572, hfdingyaogs@yeah.net, zhengjiangong@vip.sina.com,
Hefei Fengwei Mechinery Equipment Import & Export Corporation
(合肥风伟机械设备进出口有限公司, +86-551-4676768, 13485748826
15055111374, hffwzhang888@163.com, hongsenzhang010@126.com,

Huaian Yizhen Imp & Exp Co., Ltd. or
Huai'an Yizhen Import & Export Co., Ltd. (86-517-83906610,
86-517-83688369, yanlizhang488@163.com, desheng8022@yeah.net,
desheng8010@yeah.net, chinaliuxu@vip.163.com, www.yzjck.com )

Kunming Aoqiao Bao Import & Export Co., Ltd. or
Kunming Ao Qiao Bao Import and Export Limited Company
(昆明澳桥堡进出口贸易有限公司 +86-871-3936529, +86-871-3939062,
+86-871-3936062, 13987104241, knaqbgs@vip.163.com,
ynjckgs@163.com, kmaqbyyj@vip.163.com, www.kmaqb.com)

Kunming ChunNuo Trading Co. Ltd.  or
Kunming Towering Import-Export Trtade Limited Company
KM Chunnuo Co.
Kunming Keteng Import & Export Co., Ltd. (www.ktjck.com)
ChuNuo Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Kunming Chunnuo Trading Co. Ltd.
Kunming Chunuo Trading Co. Ltd.
Kunming Chunuo Jinchukou
Kunming Chunnuo Jinchukou Company
Chunuo Trading Co. Ltd.
ChunNuo Trading Co. Ltd.
Chunnuo Trading Co. Ltd.
Kunming Jinchukou Company
Kunming Luxuriant High Economics & Trade Co., Ltd.
Kunming Luxuriant High Economics and Trade Limited Company
(+86-871-2935977,+86-871-5309540, +871-4199930, +86-871-2583199,
+86-871-4120090, 18908897517, han99chunnuo@yahoo.cn, lutaochunuo@yahoo.com.cn, han33chunnuo@yahoo.cn,
hanllchunuo@yahoo.cn, han11chunuo@yahoo.cn,
lu66chunuo@yahoo.com.cn, www.kmmaili.com.cn)
Kunming Hengxiang Import & Export Co., Ltdd.
(昆明恒祥进出口有限公司, 0871-4124715, 0871-4152932
15368131016, www.kmhxie.com)
Kunming Hongshengtong Trading Co., Ltd.
(昆明宏胜通贸易有限公司, 0871-4120090, 0871-4197614, 18908897517)
Kunming Beizhao Trading Co., Ltd. or
Kunming Bei Zhao Trading Co., Ltd.
(昆明北兆经贸有限公司, 871-6762818, 871-6666178, 871-6761818
13668781225, 13608814254, mazgs@163.com, kmbeizhaogs@163.com,
kmbzhgs@163.com, xyzxyz00123@163.com, kmbz888@126.com,
kmazgs@163.com, www.kmbzmy.com)
Kunming Aoyang Imp. & Exp. Trading Co. Ltd. (was the above Kunming
Beizhou Trading Co., Ltd.)
(昆明澳洋进出口贸易有限公司 0871-6016981, 0871-6016980,
13529100232, 15887248322, maoyiliushijie@163.com,
chinaaoyang@vip.163.com , ynaoyang@yeah.net, www.kmaymy.com)
Kunming Qingdu Import & Export Co., Ltd. (86-871-3524616,
871-2393815, 871-6524715, 15587211681, 15912445157,
kmgdgck@yahoo.cn, kmgdjck@yahoo.cn, pakmqd@yahoo.cn,
kmqingduyd@163.com, kmqdjck@163.com, www.kmtdjj.cn)
Kunming Qiteng Import& Export Co., Ltd.

Kunming Juzi Import & Export Co. or
Kunming JuZi Import and Export Company
(+86-871-6565653, 871-6566412, 86-21-61294559,
wushen_369@126.com, wushen258@yahoo.cn,

 Kunming Ke Jin Lai Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. or
 Kunming Kejinlai Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd.
 (0871-6636079, 0871-6625869, kmkjljxsb@kmkjljxsb.com,
 Nanchang Hongrun Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Nanning Mengsida Co., Ltd. or
Mengsida Company  (13707715323,
Rander Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. (昆明兰德机械设备有限公司,昆明通
亚进出口有限公司,云南通亚进出口有限公司)    or
Kunming SiDian Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd.
Kunming Si dian Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd.
(+86-871-6533306,0871-6532599, +86-4006830000-9522,
13629409127, kmsun198@vip.163.com, kmsdjxsun1998@126.com,
Kunming Kejinlai Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd.
(0871-6636079, 0871-6625869, kmkjljxsb@kmkjljxsb.com,
Kunming Nadeck Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Kunming Tongya Import & Export Co., Ltd.
China Kunming TOASIQA Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Kunming Rander Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
Tongya Import & Export Company
Tong Ya Import & Export Co. 

Also check our database of scam websites, bank accounts, and name lists and scroll down here for more scam related information. 

If you have a company office in Beijing, you can schedule a free fraud vulnerability assessment since all of the below people can be easily bought to access your company's IP, client lists, trade secrets, etc. ESPECIALLY if you are in the technology or financial services industry.

* Your accountant
* Your lawyer
* Your employees
* Your IT Contractor
* Your Cleaning Staff
* Building Maintenance Staff 

Take 10 Inexpensive security measures to safeguard your company (See our post below on that subject) but still get a free professional vulnerability and integrity assessment, and attend one of our free seminars like this one:

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our Clever China Cheater Of The Month...

 $1000 Reward For Information On Ms. Liu  
Scroll Down For Details...

December's Cheater Of The Month...
M****** V** L********* a.k.a
Dr. I** L******* P**** M****** a.k.a
Dr. M****** P******  a.k.a.
Dr. P**** M******* a.k.a.
Baron M****** V** L******** a.k.a.
Baron M****** V** L******** a.k.a.
P**** M****** L******* a.k.a
M****** V** L******* a.k.a.
M*** L*******a.k.a.
M****** V** L********

Another foreigner scamming from China is our cheater of the month. He uses ten different names and passports but has only one face and balls bigger than oranges! He claims to be an Austrian or German Baron, but according to Interpol he is a Romanian fugitive wanted for various  frauds in Europe.  He sought refuge from the long arm of the law in China back 2010 and he resides in cheap hotels in China according to one of his former birdogs who he stiffed for $10,000. But he tells his potential victims that he lives in this mansion...
Although he was married and has a young son in Romania, he is now divorced but presents one of his many escort girls as his young wife pictured below.  He drives a 2010 Black BMW M3 but it is not registered in his name but a person that does not exist. 

His scam?  He pretends to be a big international film and television producer and offers to co-produce various productions. He uses social network sites extensively like Linked, Facebook, Plaxo, etc. to troll for victims.  He found four that we know of in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, as well as Helsinki.  He claims to be personal friends with Steven Spielberg, Jerry Weintraub, Tommy Mottola, George Lucas, various actors, and has BIG but unverifiable funds and syndication contacts. In reality, he owns NOTHING in his own name and lives from the profits of his frauds which average $200,000 - $500,000. He makes grandiose claims on his Facebook and Linked profile pages but upon examination, all of his claims are deliberately vague and unverifiable.  He has more than 500 connections on Linked and Facebook and once commented to a victim "This is like shooting fish in a barrel" and remarked "People are so desperate for funding these days they want to believe. Their greed overrides their common sense."

His current scam is a company call "China**** Film Group"  or simply "China***". Because he dresses impeccably well with plenty of bling jewelry, is very articulate, and always meets with his targets in four or five star hotels, he easily wins the confidence of his soon to be victims. His date of birth is January 5th, 1956. He banks at many banks including at Bank of China where he holds account No. 4030510-0188-01**89-2 which on June 2, 2012 had a balance of $624,502.65. Until last month he held another account at ICBC with a balance of $1,257,875. He forms knock off copy cat companies like Alpha Animations and will only change a suffix for example, LLC to Ltd.-a change nobody but Interpol noticed. Our investigation reveals that he has also been offering to launder money for film investors/producers for a 10% fee. Unfortunately he keeps all the money and then will dare the investors to call the police! (Since the investor was attempting to launder money, calling the aurhorities is the last thing they want to do).
Our cheater is highly mobile and if you spot him, please notify us immediately at Tips{at}CleverChinaCheaters.com after you determine where he is living/staying.  Disregard any contract he puts forth because he signs them with an ineligible name and will use one of his phony passports. If you have already signed a contract with him, ask him to put his thumbprint on each page and just watch him squirm!  Below are photos of his private jet and Ferrari that nobody has seen other than in these photos!  He has been arrested and served time in jail for fraud twice in the last twenty years according to Interpol under two different identities. Our cheater is known to use disguises including theater grade wigs, mustaches, and colored contact lenses.  One of his former associates from 1995 whose photo is here was recently arrested in London. Here is the story. http://www.4law.co.il/ebay1.htm

He is 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 280 pounds. His mobile number is 86-1381898*7**. Do not try to apprehend him as he is know to be a good scrapper. This case is still under investigation so it is not convenient at this time for us to reveal more information although here are some his phony passport numbers: P115977* (Austria), P115889* (Austria), and 056859** (Romania)  Our cheater currently resides in Shanghai but visits Hong Kong regularly. To date his his victims have been a mix of Europeans, Chinese, and Americans. At present he is evading us as well as Interpol. Amazing fraudster who claims to be a CEO of a multi-million dollar web site does not even have a website nor owns any real estate eh? One of his seven current email addresses is Michael.V**.L*******@gmail.com

November's Cheater Of The Month...

He is an American, 54 years of age named H******* A****** who now resides in the Hadian District of Beijing in the Wang Quan Xin Xin Yin Juan Community in Unit *-** as seen below. His passport number is USA 87*********************

He was born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania but resided 12 years in New York before coming to China in 2008. He is a veteran con artist and convicted felon who has an extensive arrest record in America for bank and credit card fraud. Our cheater served three years in prison in the 1980s for insurance fraud. His current frauds are all investment frauds with victims being both Chinese and foreigners. Currently he is being pursued to pay back a total of $1.5 million he scammed from 3 Beijing investors who believed his elaborate presentation given at the Crowne Plaza Hotel last March about an alleged VIP Marina being built in Hangzhou. Although there is now such a project, our cheater is not in any way affiliated with it. He is also peddling fictitious investments in Vietnam, Macau, and Korea - all are fabricated. But his fancy brochures and power point presentations, and lavish office located in the Ecommerce building near Zhongguancun are very convincing. He also uses forged financial statements and paid Chinese shills who praise him and claim to have earned ROIs of over 80% a year with him. He operates many companies including R****** G****** Investment Company Ltd located in Unit no *** of this below building:

He does his banking at IBC in account no. ******************* He has a Chinese partner who owns a UBC Coffee Shop located at ********************* in Dongcheng district. His partner's name is **** *** ****Our cheater is married to a 33 year Chinese woman named ***** *** ** who is originally from Wuhan. She drives a 2012 White Range Rover with tag number N*****. Our cheater drives the below 2012 Black Mercedes SL600 with tag no N*****. 

They have two children named **** and ** ***** who both attend Zhongguancun No. 3 School in Haidian District.  He also has a beautiful 27 year old mistress from Chonqing named C***** who is pictured below and she lives in the Ariva Apartment building next to Suzhouqiao in Suite ***. The cheater pays her rent of 6,000 yuan per month.

On November 2nd, and investigator from International Recovery Services visited his office and was refused entry. An email was sent with a link to this post and request to pay back the victims by November 15th to avoid further action. He laughed and hung up the phone. Today, his attorney named ***** **** *** called and requested a meeting to settle this matter.  Stay tuned for details.

<><><><><><><> UPDATE <><><><><><><>
November 22, 2012 

Well the cheater finally realized his options were few. He offered the victims a settlement of $100,000 USD and we are waiting to see if the victim accepts or rejects the offer. Stand by for the ending to this story.

<><><><><><><> UPDATE <><><><><><><>
November 27, 2012 

We were advise today by Alex at IRS that a deal was finalized, and initial payments were made to the victims in the full amount and promissory notes were signed to pay the balance within 90 days. We will keep the below information posted until all three victims confirm they were paid in full.

$1,000 Reward For Ms. Liu..
If you know where we can find this 56 year-old woman from Ningxia who now has homes in both Shandong and Beijing (Dongzhimen Area) you will earn $1,000.  She is wanted for questioning in a  huge Green Card scam she helps to perpetuate. Although she is not the ring leader she is a very good bird dog. If you see her please follow her to her home or residence and note the address. Contact IRS-Asia to collect your reward at  



Follow ups On October's and September's cheaters of the month... 

Ms. October Clever Cheater 
From Shanghai/Hangzhou/Hong Kong:

After an 8 hour marathon meeting with IRS staffers she finally agreed to pay back the two victims the $500,000 she swindled from them plus $38,000 of accrued interest. The victims agreed to accept minimum monthly payments of $25,000 until the dept is paid in full before June 1st 2013. She claims her days of million dollar EB5 scams are over. She is being monitored and her files remain with IRS to ensure she does not return to scamming people. When asked why she finally agreed to pay up, she sent IRS this link: China News Article  and said she did not want her son to know how she made her money, nor learn of her two lovers. When her debt is paid in full, we will remove her photo from this site. "She is the most charming shyster we ever met"(Alex at IRS)
Mr. September Clever Cheater 
From Zhengzhou, Xiamen, & Beijing:

This fellow agreed to settle as soon as he realized his threats of violence were falling upon deaf ears at IRS. He agreed to pay back the old lady her $500,000 and has already made $100,000 in payments. IRS advises that he may have started a new golf course scam, but IRS advises they will take no further actions until their victim client is paid in full. This man was described by IRS staff as "Shrewd, heartless, and just plain slimy". His photo will remain here posted until the victim confirms that she has been paid in full. Congrats to Kenny and his crew at IRS. To learn more details about his sophisticated scams you can visit: 

Mr. August Clever Cheater
From Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Unfortunately another cheater that was being pursued by IRS in America recently passed away.  Atty. Stephen J. Finta whose crooked exploits can be found on Google and in a book by Rodney Stitch. Finta's victims lose millions this time. Most of his victims were his legal clients like Renee Benitez the now incarcerated Cali Drug Cartel King from Colombia. We suppose its easy to cheat people when they are locked up and you represent them! He died a multimillionaire and now he is probably asking the devil for wire transfer instructions from our world to his! Google this guy and have a great laugh about how he was removed from legal cases after the judge decided he was part of the same drug ring as his client, and arrested for packing a gun in a court room because his own clients threatened to kill him. Timing is everything in life and apparently the IRS boys gave him too much time to settle up. The 300 pound Cheater Steve Finta had a heart attack in mid-October. Good riddance.